Bed Linen Flop

The fresh and elegant design of our bed linen Flop will win your heart immediately! In its abstract drawing you can find tones of nude pink on an anthracite background. The upper sides of the blanket cover and the pillowcase show the nude pink drawing on an anthracite background. On the bottom side of the blanket cover a light coloured drawing is printed on a darker nude pink background. The bottom side of the pillowcase is also light, but with a darker drawing on a lighter background.

The pillowcase is shown in detail in the illustrative photo. 

If you have a pillow or a blanket in different size, we will be pleased to adjust the bed linen to your needs free of charge (only to smaller sizes). All you have to do is write your requirements to the note in the order form.

The 40 x 40 cm pillowcases are made from fabric by the yard that is why every piece is different.