Bed Linen Lilac

Get inspired by our limited edition of bed linen by the renowned fashion designer Blanka Matragi. 

The romantic and very delicate motive Lilac will win you at a first glance.This authorial painting processed by a digital technology is inspired by a lilac tree and it will bring harmony and feeling of relaxation to your bedroom.Enjoy the perfect harmony of violet tones and sophisticated details that turn this luxury bed linen into a distinctive piece of art. 

The bed linen is delivered in a luxury gift box.

The bed linen is made from luxury mako cotton sateen. It is printed with modern digital print, which ensures that the details are made exactly according to the author´s intention. The bed linen is also printed with Blanka Matragi´s signature –it is placed on the blanket cover, pillowcase and on the small pillowcase.The motive is on both sides of the bed linen, as you can see in the photo.It is also equipped with a zipper closure for easier manipulation.


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