Bed Linen Luna honey yellow

Touch a new dimension of comfort with our luxurious bed linen Luna made from 100% bamboo fibre.This unbelievably soft natural bamboo sateen is not only elegant, but it will also surprise you with its lightness and breathtaking natural glossy finish.

Bamboo fibre is very pleasant and it has naturally gradual brushed effect, which makes it even softer to touch.The bed linen Luna will keep you warm and absorb moisture well.

Its clean design and warm and attractive honey yellow colour will bring a fresh elegance into your everyday life.The colour changes playfully with the intensity of lighting.The natural properties of the fine fibre will bring a piece of luxury to your bedroom.

Material: 100% bamboo

Maintenance: We recommend washing at 40 °C, wash and dry on reverse.It is easier to iron while a little bit damp.

Our tip: Our bed linen Luna is a perfect gift for every exceptional life event.

The bed linen is equipped with a practical zipper closure.
We recommend to use it together with our jersey bed sheets.

It is not possible to make any size adjustments.