Bedding Eucalypta blue

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fall asleep in fluffy clouds? With our luxurious collection of tencel sheets, you can indulge in that feeling every night. 

Tencel is the trade name for a fabric called lyocell. It is a type of viscose made from crushed eucalyptus wood fibers, or pulp, which is incredibly soft and comfortable to the touch. Lyocell fibre is strong, highly durable and extremely fast drying. Products made from lyocell fibre are breathable, naturally thermoregulating, excellent moisture wicking and low maintenance. The fibre is also naturally antibacterial and odourless. 

The clean design combined with a dazzling sheen will bring refinement to your bedroom, and the web-like softness of the fabric will ensure you sleep like royalty. The bed linen is fitted with a comfortable zip closure.

Composition: 100% lyocell (Tencel)
Colour: pastel light blue

Packaging: The packaging is made from natural raw materials and highlights the uniqueness of this 100% natural product. 

Care: 40°C, for easier ironing it is ideal when the linen is still slightly damp. When using the tumble dryer, we recommend choosing gentle programmes with low drying temperatures. 

Our tip: Eucalyptus linen is the perfect gift for any special occasion.

We recommend using it in combination with jersey sheets or jersey with elastane.

We do not make dimensional adjustments for tencel linen.