Pillows and Blankets PREMIUM Line

The pillows and blankets from our new PREMIUM Line will provide your children with an exceptionally good sleep. 

Qualities: anti-allergic, antibacterial, breathable, suitable even for sensitive people


The filling of the pillow is breathable and voluminous. It does not flatten and is easy to fluff up.The volume of the pillow can be adjusted to your needs by adding or removing the polyester filling. 

Surface material: 100% polyester with a subtle embossed glossy pattern
Filling: textile hollow fibre in shape of balls (100% polyester)
Maintenance: washable at 40°C

Dimensions: 40/60 cm

·         Weight of the filling 600 g, can be adjusted

·         Removable quilted cover with a zipper closure


The blankets from our Premium Line are lightweight and they provide the desired thermal comfort  - according to the type of filling you choose. 

·         Premium Line Summer (300 g/m2)is a very lightweight blanket for the summer season

·         Premium Line Thermo (500 g/m2)is a lightweight and breathable blanket suitable for all-year-round usage

Surface material: 100% polyester, cut microfiber with a glossy embossed pattern
Filling: textile hollow fibre in a form of layered wool (100% polyester), stability is ensured by quilting
Maintenance: washable at 40°C