Towel Bloom

Material: 50% modal, 50% cotton

Weight: 600 g / m2


Modal towels and bath towels are made of premium natural materials. The new production technology brings a blend of modal (50%) and cotton (50%), which, combined with trendy designs, will not only become a design accessory to your bathroom.


Precise design combined with revolutionary material ensures even greater dimensional stability and color brilliance even after multiple washings. Modal towels and bath towels are very pleasant and naturally shiny, excellent suction and then dry quickly, which is an indisputable advantage for smaller bathrooms without the possibility of natural ventilation.


BLOOM towels will surprise you with their soft, elegant look. The combination of cotton and modal, which is made of beech wood, meets the highest demands for softness and absorbency. Towels are soft and fluffy, the natural shine of the modal fiber adds extraordinary charm to the surface. The series is decorated in lush shades of light and dark mint color. The embroidered border with a modern leaf motive complements perfectly with the color shades that will always brighten up your bathroom.