Towel Eucalypta butter yellow

Material: 70% lyocell (Tencel), 30% cotton
Grammage: 530 g/m2
Colour: pastel light yellow

Velvety soft to the touch, wonderfully absorbent and elegant. These are the towels with a high percentage of lyocell fibre from the new exclusive Eucalypta range. The towels are naturally antibacterial, dry quickly and are also environmentally friendly. The velvety soft eucalyptus fibre will take care of even the most sensitive skin. 

Tencel is the trade name for a fabric called lyocell. It is a type of viscose made from crushed eucalyptus wood fibres, or pulp, which is incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch. Lyocell fibre is strong, highly durable, wrinkle-free and extremely fast drying. Products made from lyocell fibre are breathable, naturally thermoregulating, excellent moisture wicking and low maintenance. The fibre is also naturally antibacterial and odourless. 

Eucalypta towels are suitable for bathrooms without natural ventilation. 

Towels are equipped with a loop for hanging.