Towel Luna honey yellow

Composition: 70% viscose (bamboo), 30% cotton
Weight: 550 g / m2

The exclusive collection of Luna towels turns ordinary drying into a real wellness experience. The high proportion of bamboo fiber ensures velvety softness. Towels are extremely absorbent, naturally antibacterial and their production is also environmentally friendly. 

The attractive colors of Luna towels are inspired by the shades of luxury Luna bamboo beddingThe elegance of this wellness series is perfected with a fine embroidered border with a motif of bamboo leaves.

Bamboo has a natural antibiotic function, it does not produce fungi or multiply bacteria. Therefore, unpleasant odors do not occur. In addition, the absorbency of bamboo fiber towels is three times higher than that of other materials because these fibers are hollow when examined microscopically.

Bamboo fiber towels are light and dry very quickly, so they are especially suitable for bathrooms without the possibility of natural ventilation.

Towels are provided with a hanging loop.