Towel Royal Wine

Material: 60% cotton, 40% bamboo fiber
Grammage: 550 g/m2

Royal towels are among the most luxurious bamboo towels in our collection. The mixture of cotton and bamboo fiber will provide you with perfect user comfort. Towels are light and extremely soft thanks to the presence of bamboo fiber. The elegant border stands out on the background in shades of attractive burgundy and white.

Towels and bath towels with bamboo fiber are suitable for the bathroom without natural ventilation. Bamboo has a natural antibiotic function, no mold is formed in it, nor do bacteria multiply. Therefore, unpleasant odors do not occur. In addition, the absorbency of bamboo fiber towels is three times higher than that of other materials because these fibers are hollow in microscopic examination.

Towels are equipped with a hanging loop.