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thank you for your interest in opening our website. At the beginning, there was only one person who founded a family company called Matějovský - bedding, which firstly sold bedding in near vicinity and after the first successful contract with the department store, it quickly began to develope. Today it' s a stable company with tradition, with a rich sortiment and an important position not only in the Czech Republic.

We belong to fashion trend specialists and we indicate the direction of style in home textiles. We are glad you are supporting us. If you choose home accessories, then bedding is an indispensable part and should meet certain aesthetic criteria. Our current creation of design is a great creative idea that we are trying to meet the demands of even the most demanding customers. We are trying to create a design that represents the harmony of housing and, above all, generates good moods. We follow experience but also feelings. We combine design with utility functionality. precision processing of materials, perfect production and master design - these are characteristics of our products, which are among the most wanted articles not only in Czech households.

During production, we place an emphasis on environmental protection and the use of natural resources. This enables us the latest manufacturing processes and technological equipment. All our products are subject to rigorous supervision and inspections of the Textile Testing Institute, so you have a guarantee of quality, reliability and health.

We are based on qualified and professional service, you can always turn to us with confidence.


We want to share with you:


  • experience and tradition of textile production
  • quality raw materials and modern technology
  • design and trends
  • a wide selection - everything you can find here is in stock
  • precise and reliable products
  • professional negotiations


We are proud to continue with traditional textile production and we will do our best to keep your favor.

Your opinions and suggestions are very important to us and we kindly welcome them, please write to us at


Zdeněk Matějovský

Experience and tradition

of textile production

Quality materials

and modern technology

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to purchased bedding

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