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This Terms and Conditions of Personal Data Processing of the company Matějovský a.s., registered at Vladimíra Komárka 606, Semily, 51301, ID: 04561856, regulates the principles of processing of personal data of visitors to the websites (hereinafter referred to as the "website"), especially their customers who will make an order via the website (hereinafter referred to as the "customer").

Matějovský a.s. is responsible for the processing of personal data as an administrator and determines the purpose and means by which personal data will be processed.

Which data do we process?

Data provided by customers. We process personal information about customers. Primarily personal data you provide us when you create your order.

This includes, in particular, the e-mail address and, in the case of customers, the name and surname, address, telephone number and payment details. If you want, you may also include additional information, such as an address to employment, or a note of possible delivery times.

Data obtained through cookies. In order to better target our advertising campaigns and improve our product and service offer, we use the information that our customers have purchased. If you allow cookies to be stored in your browser and you consent to their use, we obtain data about visits to websites, products viewed, and other activity on the site. 

We do not collect or otherwise process any sensitive personal data including, for example, your health status, belief or belief, etc.

For what purposes do we process data?

In order to fulfill your order, i.e. to fulfill the contract between us and the customer, we use your name and surname and contact details. Data processing in this case includes all activities from order registration, processing, including payment and delivery of ordered goods. If the data is not provided, we cannot handle your order.

In order to offer our products to our customers in the form of business communications, we mainly use e-mail address, occasionally a telephone number to send SMS. In this case, we send a commercial message about the products related to the goods you have already purchased on the website. We process the processing to achieve legitimate interests in the form of limited direct marketing. We do not require permission to send these business communications, but we allow you to unsubscribe at any time or object to such processing. Customers can also send a commercial message on the basis of a consent that is wholly voluntary, and their refusal does not affect the completion of your order. You give consent during the order on the website. You can revoke your consent at any time by clicking on the relevant link in each business message. If you withdraw your consent, we will no longer process your data for the purpose of sending business communications, either for the above reason, to realize legitimate interests.

We find your satisfaction with your purchase through our e-mail questionnaires within our Customer Authentication program where our e-shop is involved. We send you every time you buy us if you do not refuse them. Processing of personal data for the purpose of submitting questionnaires within the program "Verified by customers" is carried out on the basis of our legitimate interest in determining your satisfaction with the purchase with us. For sending questionnaires, evaluating your feedback, and analyzing our market position, we use the processors who are the operator; we can transfer information about purchased goods and your e-mail address for these purposes. Your personal information is not transmitted to any third party for its own purposes when sending email. You can at any time oppose the sending of e-mail questionnaires within the Customer Authentication program by rejecting additional questionnaires via a link in a questionnaire email. In case of your objection, we will not send you the questionnaire further.

To better target advertising and promotion of Matějovský a.s. we process cookie data about visits to websites, viewed products, and other activity on websites. Processing is only possible based on your consent to the use of the appropriate cookies. This consent is entirely voluntary. Generally, based on the above data, we receive statistics, analyzes, and reports on the behavior of web site users. Based on this, you can better target your ad or customize the content of your site to what you really care about and what you are looking for or what a broader group of customers is generally interested in. In this case, the processing of personal data is usually automated. 

For customer support, we use the data about your name and e-mail that you fill in before you start a chat with a Matějovský a.s. into the appropriate chat window on your website. By filling in the data you agree to the processing of the data. We no longer use your name and e-mail address anymore as we begin chatting.

Revocation of consent and cancellation of business communications

Customers may at any time cancel the withdrawal of business communications by:

  • clicking on the relevant link located in the footer of each business message; or
  • object to the processing of personal data at the e-mail address or through other contacts listed in these terms.

If you want to disable storing cookies on your device, you can change the settings directly in your browser. If you disable storing cookies, some parts of your website may not work properly. 

Who has access to the data?

First of all, personal data is processed by our staff. All persons with access to personal data are bound to confidentiality and this commitment continues even after their cooperation with Matějovský a.s.

Matějovský a.s. furthermore, as an administrator, other entities, such as processors, are charged with the processing of personal data. Processor means any entity that processes personal data for us for purposes and in a manner that we determine. If your consent is required for processing, we only pass on the data to processors if you have given your consent. We only provide the processors with the data they absolutely need to provide their services. The processors we use include:

  • PPL CZ s.r.o. (distribution of goods)
  • Czech Post Office (distribution of goods)
  •, s.r.o. (web chat tools)
  • TOPlist s.r.o. (traffic audit tools)
  • Google LLC (tools for online marketing)
  • Facebook, Inc. (tools for on-line marketing)
  •, a.s. (tools for on-line marketing)
  • Heureka Shopping s.r.o. (tools for on-line marketing)

How long do we process the data?

We process personal data to perform the contract for the duration of the order, including payment and delivery of the goods. By law we subsequently keep some of the data contained in the accounting documents.

Business messages are sent to customers until their collection is canceled, or until an objection is raised against the processing of your data for this purpose. However, at the latest, business communications are sent for 10 years. Then we ask for a new consent.

Data obtained for marketing purposes through cookies are processed for the duration of your consent to the use of cookies, i.e., while you allow cookies to be stored in your browser, or until an objection is raised against the processing of your data for that purpose. 

Further processing of personal data beyond the above mentioned deadlines is only possible if it is necessary to meet the legal obligations of Matějovský a.s.

What are your rights?

In connection with the processing of personal data you can contact us and request:

  • Information about the personal data we process about the purpose and nature of the processing of personal data, including information about potential recipients of personal data outside Matějovský a.s. General information about the processing of personal data is contained in these terms.
  • Access to the data you provided when creating your order. If this right is exercised, we will confirm whether and which specific personal data are processed and, if applicable, you will be able to access these data together with information on their processing.
  • Correction of personal data, if inaccurate or incomplete. Only in case of up-to-date information we can properly handle your order.
  • Explanation and removal of a malfunction (for example, blocking, correcting, supplementing or deleting personal information) if you believe we process personal data contrary to the protection of your privacy and privacy or in violation of legal regulations.
  • The deletion of personal data (so-called right to be forgotten) or their limited processing, if they are no longer needed for the purposes, or if we no longer have a legitimate reason to process personal data, including cases where you do not agree to further processing. In compliance with these conditions, we will wholly or partially discard your data.
  • Transferring automated processing of personal data obtained from your consent to another subject, when we will transfer your personal data in a commonly used format to you or another administrator of your choice.

Additionally, our customers may object to the processing of personal information in the event of the sending of business messages or the evaluation of buying preferences, on the basis of which we will immediately cease processing personal data for these purposes.

In addition to the above privileges, you can always contact the office for personal data protection.


We take care of the security of your data. The handling of personal data is in full compliance with applicable law, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We place great emphasis on the technical and organizational security of the processed data when processing personal data.

All personal data in electronic form is stored in databases and systems accessible only to persons who need to immediately dispose of their personal data for the purposes specified in these rules, and only to the extent necessary. Personal data security is regularly reviewed and protected by our protection.


If you have any comments regarding the processing of your personal data or if you exercise your rights, you can contact us by e-mail to or by phone +420 481 621 261.


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