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What determines the quality of bedding

When choosing bedding, always follow the quality of the yarn and the density of the fibers, not the weights. High-quality bedding is made of yarn with long and thin fibers, which ensures a high density of weaving, and therefore higher strength - despite low weight. Manufacturers in this way mislead customers - they are high-graded, but they actually use cheap yarns with short and strong fibers, although they have a high weight (but not a low fiber density) and will soon shake and stick together. The quality of the goods then corresponds to a low price; the fabric is transparent and the life of the product is less known. Matějovský uses only high-quality yarns to produce linen. For example, for deluxe cotton and crepe deluxe, we use a yarn of 30N, cotton 40 satin and 60NE Swiss premium satin.

Note: NE is the unit of fiber fineness - the higher the number, the longer and the thinner the fibers and the better the resultant fabric. Most of the cotton bed linen on the Czech market is made of yarn in quality around 10 NE.


To print as one of the few manufacturers, we use ecological reactive paints that react with the fiber, dithering it in depth to create a very good bond between the dye and the fabric. This makes it even more refined and the colors are still as vibrant and vibrant after many scents. Printing with reactive colors is better, more durable, and more expensive. Commonly used and, of course, cheaper pigment paints, the fabric only stains on the surface, resulting printing tends to pale and harden.


Click to enlarge There is an obvious difference in the quality of the bedding, which depends on the yarn used.

Left Detail: The thin and long fibers we use in the fabric make a dense, solid and delicate texture. The substance is refined by mercerization, sanforation and calendering.

Right Detail: A typical example of a commonly sold cheap linen that is made of short and thick fibers. The raw substance looks essentially like a coarse net that is easily degraded or deformed in daily use and during washing. This bedding has a higher weight than the bedding on the left.

Interestingly, the weight of the compared products results in only 5 g / m2. It is actually logical - long thin threads are more, but they are lightweight and must therefore have a high density of weaving so that the bedding is not "transparent". High density of weaving (number of threads per m2) is very desirable because it ensures the final strength of the fabric. Poor high-quality fibers have a higher weight, so that the fabric per m2 contains less, although the product is similar in weight. However, the ultimate difference is crucial in terms of utility. Note that many manufacturers report the weight information, but the yarn quality is missing.

Before buying, therefore, think that the weight of bed linen alone does not say anything.



We are a Czech company that has been operating on our market since 1990. During this time, we have gained one of the privileged positions not only in the domestic market but also abroad. We greatly appreciate all the awards of our customers, thanks to which we have won twice in a row in the SHOP OF THE YEAR competition, in the category Quality Award - Home Accessories and Design.


Our bedding is certified and regularly inspected by the State Testing Institute in Brno, which guarantees its high quality.


We use exclusively cotton yarns that have long and thin fibers to make bedding. The fabric is fine, soft and has high fiber density, which guarantees high strength, although the weight is lower. For cotton and crepe linen we use yarn 30 N, cotton 40 satin and 60 Swiss satin premium satin.


As one of the few manufacturers, we use reactive ink to print, which is more gentle, brighter and more environmentally friendly than conventional pigment paints. Reactive colors stain the fabric throughout the fiber, making the fabric still soft after the wash and the colors remain saturated. Our own know-how for printing technology further enhances the fabric.


We work with world-class designers and build on timeless looks. Most bedding has a different pattern on each side of the pillow or duvet. Thanks to this, it is possible to win more with the bedding and change its shape. Bedding is more expensive to produce, but more interesting.


As one of the few companies we offer a wide range of licensed products. The most popular of them is Krteček and Paul Frank, who know almost the whole world. You can also find other famous fairy-tale characters and film heroes (Snoopy, Hello Kitty, Krkouni).


We produce quality bedding in the same colors for all bedding designs, so you can combine the whole bed in one tone. Selected patterns include other home textiles and accessories in the same pattern - especially luxury quilted bedspreads, decorative curtains or paintings printed on cotton cloth.

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