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Czech Republic 23. 5.
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Printed catalogue

A catalog representing the production of 2019. You can look forward to the news throughout the year, and we will introduce you something new every month.
Price: FREE

Gift bag

Buy a gift bag for the selected goods and offer your close to perfect packing of Matějovský products. The white high-gloss bag and the gold-embossed Matějovský logo give the purchased gifts a sober elegance. We attach the bag to the shipment in a folded state.
Choose a gift bag according to its size and your preferences.
Add 1,80 € Small size gift bag
Suitable for small items such as bed linen, candles, curtains, towels, coats and gift items.
Add 2,40 € Medium size gift bag
Suitable for bedding, sheets or gift wrapping towels in a box.
Add 3,20 € Big size gift bag
Suitable for bedspreads and blankets.

Card with dedication

Have a gift with a stylish gift card with dedication. A gift card in an elegant case is an ideal complement to a perfect gift.
You choose the dedication text yourself in the next step when closing the order and we will prepare the card accordingly.
Ideal length of text: 1 or 2 short sentences
Price: 1,60 €

Gift package

Let yourself be enchanted by a stylish gift box and offer your close to perfect packaging of Matějovský products. A white box with high gloss and golden ornaments adds the right gift of luxury to the purchased gifts.
Gift box is intended especially for bedding and bed sheets. It is also possible to wrap hangers, bed linen, coats, towels, tablecloths, rugs, candles or diapers.
Can not be packaged blankets and pillows, bedspreads, blankets, mats, paintings and mattress protectors.
Whatever you want to gift wrap you choose the next step when closing your order.
Price: 4,80 €

Bedding Hannah Montana

Can be added when buying over 40,00 €.

Bedding in a bright pink colour with Hannah Montana. 100% cotton, zip closure

Material: Bavlna deluxe
Size: 1x 140/200, 1x 70/90
Base Price: 33,80 €
Over 40,00 € for 3,96 €

Towel Snoopy Promenade

Can be added when buying over 40,00 €.
Beach towel made of 100% cotton. One-sided printing.
Size: 70/150 cm
Over 40,00 € for 7,00 €

Coating Bojovníci

Can be added when buying over 60,00 €.

Tmavě modrý povlak na polštářek s populárními animovanými bojovníky. 100% bavlna, rozměr 40/40 cm, zipový uzávěr. Povlak má každou stranu jinou.

Material: Bavlna deluxe
Size: 1x 40/40 cm
Base Price: 3,96 €

Candle Peony green

Can be added when buying over 60,00 €.

Original handmade candle in the shape of peony blossom in pastel color makes a great gift for every romantic soul. Candle is delivered in a transparent gift box (12/12/7 cm).

Size: 12/12/7 cm
Fragrance: Matějovský
Base Price: 3,80 €
Over 60,00 € for 1,40 €

Towel Mita orange

Can be added when buying over 80,00 €.

Luxurious 600 g/m2 towels are made of the highest quality 100% Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is considered the finest cotton in the world, thanks to its naturally long fibers you can enjoy an extraordinary absorbency, softness and an amazing durability.

Over 80,00 € 10,00 € Oranžová světlá
Over 80,00 € 10,00 € Oranžová
Over 80,00 € 10,00 € Oranžová tmavá

Kitchen towels Minos

Can be added when buying over 100,00 €.

An exclusive collection of designer kitchen towels brings a trendy desing that will complement your kitchen interior.

Extremely high quality cotton fabric with a thick, rigid structure ensures good absorbency and durability of towels. You will definitely appreciate the practical strap for easy hanging.

Material: 100% cotton (240 g/m2)

Size: 50x70 cm

Packing: 2 pcs gift set (thematic matching)

Print: one-sided

Material: Bavlna
Size: 50/70 cm
Package contents: 2 ks utěrek
Base Price: 9,40 €
Over 100,00 € for 3,96 €

Cleaning Napkin

Can be added when buying over 120,00 €.

Stylish cleaning napkin for glass and displays.

Pajamas Men's T-Shirt Red Stripes

Can be added when buying over 160,00 €.

Men's T-Shirt made of 100% cotton.

Over 160,00 € FREE Velikost M

Perwoll Renew 3D Black Effect

Can be added when buying over 200,00 €.

Detergent for all types of black and dark clothing such as jeans, synthetic fabrics, cotton and blended fabrics.

Perwoll Renew 3D Black Effect has been specially developed for active care of your clothes, with a refreshing effect even after several laundries.

Quantity: 1l (16 washes)

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He is also required to register the received revenue with the tax administrator online; In the event of a technical outage, within 48 hours at the latest.