Microplush bedding

Do you love the velvety soft touch of plush bedding, but hesitate to get one because of the synthetic base of these fabrics?

With Matějovský velour bedding, you can have soft plush bedding with all the benefits of natural cotton fiber.

Velour is the name for various types of textiles with a short pile, which are characterized by a velvety, slightly "hairy" surface. We use the expression cotton microplush in order to bring the finish of the velour fabric closer to customers.

Micro plush is a popular material, especially in the winter months, but it is generally made of 100% polyester (PE). Although this commonly available synthetic material is soft to the touch and can give a warm impression, its useful properties correspond to the nature of synthetic fibers - the material is impermeable, does not have the ability to wick away moisture, and can cause unwanted skin or other problems for more sensitive individuals.

The cotton microplush of our production boasts a high proportion of cotton (80%), with the remaining 20% PE forming the bottom structure of the fitted fabric. Velour bedding should not be ironed. Velour bedding with a weight of 200 g/m2 is especially suitable for the winter season.

We do not make custom adjustments to velour bedding!

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