Buying Guide

1. Selecting goods and putting them in your shopping cart

You do not have to register in our e-shop. Just start choosing the goods and follow the instructions. 

Choose the goods and click on the selected product to see the available material and dimensional variants. Click on the Buy Goods button to add it to your cart. You will see a confirmation box for inserting the product into the cart, where you can select the number of pieces with the minus and plus buttons. If you want to add more products, click Continue Shopping. Add more items to your shopping cart in the same way.

If you already have all items inserted, you can go to your shopping cart by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the shopping cart or by clicking the Go to Cart button in the confirmation box. In the shopping cart, you can view the inserted goods, adjust the number of pieces with the buttons and, or remove the products by clicking on.

In the lower left corner, you can enter the gift coupon / discount coupon code that will be reflected in the order price when you click the Aply Voucher button.

At the bottom of the shopping cart you can add a printed catalog or gift box by clicking the Add button.

At the bottom you can also choose a reward for your purchase - a product at a discounted price or a free gift. Within one order, one reward can be added, which can be added to the cart when the specified minimum order amount is reached, by clicking the Add button. For detailed information about each item, click the Detail button. Special discount items are not subject to discount vouchers and shipping discounts.

Once you have finished loading goods into your cart, click on the Cashier button at the bottom right.



TIP: Read the product description before you put the goods in the cart. We strive to bring customers as close as possible to the true look of products not only with photographs, but also with a description of each product.

2. Transport selection and payment method

In this part of the order, choose the preferred mode of transport and the way of payment for the order.

Click Continue to continue with your order.

3. Entering data

Fill in the data marked with a star. These data are mandatory and serves us to process the order, send it to the correct address and inform the customer of the order status.

Click Continue to continue with your order.

TIP: Be careful to check your data to avoid typing error. We process the order and deliver it to the carrier according to the entered data!

4. Summary of the order

You will see a complete overview of your order - check the shipping and billing details, type and number of goods, form of transport and payment. The final price for the order will be displayed. You can add a comment to your order, such as adjusting the bedding to a specific size, another delivery date, etc. If you need to return and edit the details in the order, click on the numbers icons at the top (eg 2 - Delivery data) and go directly to the page where you can easily modify it.

To complete your order, you must agree to the terms of business. To cancel the order, click the Close Order button.


TIP: Please note that any incorrect data may lead to a delay in delivery of the ordered goods.


5. Order Confirmation

Congratulations! You have successfully sent us an order. You will receive automatic confirmation at that email address. We will process your order on the next working day, including any tailor-made adjustments, and deliver it to your address for delivery.


Thank you for choosing us.


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