Bedding Holy

A black and white bedroom looks good at any time of the year. With the Holy Christmas bed linen your bedroom will be festive and modern at the same time. Thanks to the creative workmanship, you can experiment when making the bed. 

One side of the blanket cover is dotted with drawings of smaller and larger trees, snowflakes and tiny polka dots. The underside of the blanket cover is made up of white, grey and black checks, as partially depicted in the photo. The pillowcase is different on each side - the back side with the black background depicts the white snowflakes and the row of trees on the underside. The closure is very practical due to a zipper.

The 40 x 40 cm pillowcases are made from fabric by the yard that is why every piece is different.

If you have a pillow or a blanket in different size, we will be pleased to adjust the bed linen to your needs free of charge (only to smaller sizes). All you have to do is write your requirements to the note in the order form.