Kitchen Towel Linea Mint

Please yourself and get a kitchen towel that is always there to help you – soft, highly absorbent and stylish.Our new collection of 100% cotton kitchen towels LINEA is exactly like this.

The towels Linea capture your attention with their non-traditional and modern design  - woven geometrical pattern stands out of the upper side of the looped terry cloth.The other side is made of lighter terry cloth.The Linea kitchen towels are designed to have ideal absorbent properties and to dry quickly.  This collection offers a line of colours that can be easily combined together.All four edges of the towels are hemmed and every towel is equipped with a handy hanging loop.

A stylishly packed set contains two identical 40x60 cm towels.

Material: 100% cotton

Grammage: 330 g/m2

 Machine washable at 60 °C.

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