Mattress Protector Stretch Mattress Protector with a Waterproof Finishing

This stretch mattress protector with a waterproof finishing offers a complex protection for your mattress and thus lengthens its durability.

It is a quilted mat filled with layered polyester fibre. It is made in a form of a mattress cover so it protects your mattress from all sides.The waterproof finishing is placed on the bottom side of the protector and it protects your mattress from all liquids.Thanks to its 100% cotton surface the protector is also breathable. 

This protector is suitable for mattresses up to 40 cm high.

Surface material: 100% cotton for velvety smooth surface, the bottom side is with a waterproof polyurethane finishing

Filling: 100% polyester (layered textile hollow fibre)

You can was the protector at 60 °C with a suitable detergent. Remove from the washing machine immediately and hang for drying.Do not iron, bleach or dry in a dryer.