Garance dodání do Vánoc

Pillow Bamboo

The Bamboo pillow will provide you with exceptional comfort while sleeping. The pillow filling is beautifully soft, breathable and voluminous.

The beneficial effects of wild bamboo have been known for millennia. This hardy plant does not require chemical treatment during growth and processing. It is the natural antibacterial ability in combination with high breathability that creates the most suitable conditions for allergy sufferers and individuals with sensitive skin. Bamboo fiber perfectly absorbs moisture, unpleasant odors and easily balances temperature differences in any season.

Filling: 30% bamboo, 70% polyester

Cover fabric: 30% bamboo, 70% cotton (surface fabric in a smooth finish without stitching, the cover is removable only for size 70/90)

Can be washed in a sufficiently large washing machine (max. 40°C, low spinning speed), frequent washing negatively affects the stability of the filling. For size 70/90, we recommend washing separately only the removable cover, if the inner filling is not excessively dirty.

Filling weight:

  • 70/90 cm = 1400 g
  • 50/70 cm = 800 g
  • 40/60 cm = 600 g
  • 40/40 cm = 350 g