Přikrývka Cashmere

Discover a new dimension of comfort with the exclusive Cashmere pillow and blanket collection. Fine cashmere wool is naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, warm, and also removes moisture perfectly. The blankets are suitable for year-round use.


Cashmere wool, which excels in its softness and ranks among the most luxurious natural materials, is obtained in the spring period by hand combing the fur of cashmere goats. This is followed by a careful selection of the finest and finest wool.


Cashmere goats living on high plateaus are very durable and the same feature boasts cashmere itself. You will enjoy years of cashmere products with proper use. It is a pure natural material that is characteristic of

and a typical aroma, like sheep wool.


We supply luxury Cashmere pillows and blankets wrapped in tissue paper

in a hard paper box. P.S. Without plastic packaging.


The surface of the pillows and blankets is made of high quality 100% cotton, the natural white cover is quilted. The edges are lined with a precious golden border, the fabric is decorated with a woven subtle white pattern of cashmere goats.


Filling consists of 50% cashmere and 50% wool. This ideal ratio of select natural fibers ensures a royal sleep.


Maintenance: washable at 30 ° C, cleaning is recommended in the hands of professionals.